The COVID-19 pandemic is not just a health crisis. This virus has changed the world—permanently. It is reordering society at such a large scale and in such dramatic ways, for better or worse.  

On one end, it has affected the economy – businesses closing down, people losing their jobs; lives have been lost, and the dynamics of the world have changed. 

However, good things have also been born out of this pandemic. The coronavirus has pushed public awareness of the need for better healthcare opportunities. Social awareness has been raised, showing just how technology has become a platform for daily living. 

In recent weeks, many of us have anxiously asked numerous questions, only to be faced with seemingly complicated answers. For instance, how dangerous is COVID-19? Or, how should I protect myself against COVID-19? Or, even this: can coronavirus disease spread through food?  

More people are turning to the Internet to search for local coronavirus cases in their area or places where they have family and friends. All we can do presently is bear the brunt of the onslaught of this virus and try our best to understand the situation and respond accordingly.  

It is crucial to have COVID-19 awareness in relation to specific aspects of our lives. With this in mind, these three courses aim to equip people with solid facts about this virus and share essential guidelines on how to respond to this COVID-19 pandemic.  

You can take our COVID-19 awareness courses at your own pace. By the end of each course, you will have a COVID-19 awareness certificate for each completed course.  

 The three courses are:  

  • Understanding COVID-19: Public Health Awareness  
  • Understanding COVID-19: Effects on Society  
  • Understanding COVID-19: Economic Outlook  

Generally, these courses discuss information about the virus itself and COVID safety measures. Here’s a brief run-through of each specific course.  

Understanding COVID-19: Public Health Awareness  

This course is straightforward on its presentation of necessary information about the coronavirus, as well as the rudimentary guidelines for COVID-19. It is divided into four sections, each with sub-topics that discusses in detail the given topic:  

What is COVID-19?  

This is an introduction to what we currently know about the coronavirus, including its risk factors and transmission.  

COVID-19 as a Public Health Risk  

This section discusses the contagious characteristics of COVID-19, virus immunity, and the significance of flattening of the curve.  

Zoonotic Viruses and Pandemics  

This section presents the zoonotic viruses, pandemic threats, and how these viruses are mitigated and suppressed.  

Personal Protective Behaviours and Equipment  

This section is in line with the COVID-19 awareness and prevention course because it discusses COVID safety measures.  

At the end of the course, there is a helpful list of other resources that you could go through for further learning. The whole course takes around one hour to complete.  

Understanding COVID-19: Effects on Society  

The social and psychological impact of COVID-19 is yet to be fully seen. We often feel that we need more information on how we can deal with this “new normal”. This course tackles how we are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic as a society. Like the first course of the series, it has four sections:  

A Brief History of Pandemics  

It presents the history of plagues and pandemics that the world has known, as well as the types of coronaviruses, and the effects of these on our society.  

The Crisis of COVID-19  

It deals with the origins of this particular coronavirus, its complications and transmission, and how other countries are coping with the pandemic. It gives a detailed discussion of COVID safety measures.  

The Effects of COVID-19 to the Community  

This section addresses the dynamics of social and physical distancing in a community and how to manage one’s mental health during self-isolation and quarantine.  

The Future of the World  

It presents an overview of the “new normal” and the changes that would be brought about by the pandemic.  

The whole course takes about 30 minutes to an hour to complete.  

Understanding COVID-19: Economic Outlook  

The United Kingdom has one of the world’s leading economies, but the coronavirus pandemic has almost brought it to its knees. Because the UK economy is mostly service-based, it took a big hit when the government imposed long lockdowns, according to a article. That being said, it is vital to understand the impact this pandemic has made on the country’s economy and how best to respond to the economic downturn. Unlike the first two courses of the COVID-19 series, this course has five sections, partitioned as follows:  

COVID-19 Overview  

This section gives an in-depth introduction to the nature and capability of this particular coronavirus. It includes symptoms, transmission, and possible ways to apply COVID safety precautions and how local coronavirus cases could increase or decrease depending on the level of public awareness.  

Strategies Against COVID-19  

This section offers strategies for the mitigation and suppression of the coronavirus. It also gives a review of policies and recommendations in line with the current situation.  

Identifying Social and Health Risks in Lockdown  

It deals with healthcare and risks to vulnerable populations, including other social concerns such as education and criminality. At the end of the section, it has guidance resources for further review.  

Transitioning to the New Normal  

This section focuses on the pandemic’s effects on the UK economy and its subsequent re-opening of industries and business sectors, which includes both a recovery and a risk of a second wave.  

Forecasts on a Post-COVID-19 Future  

The last section gives possible studies and solutions to the pandemic problem. It also presents a summary of the course discussion.  

All in all, this course is the longest, and it will take an estimated one hour and 30 minutes to finish.  

Safety is always a choice, and that is true today more than ever. We must keep ourselves informed with the correct facts. You can start by taking our FREE COVID-19 awareness and prevention courses to have a holistic perspective of this pandemic and how it’s changing our lives as we know it. Are you interested to learn more? We got you covered! Click here for more details. Stay safe!