Dale Allen

The First Knight of Safety

The First Knight and Founder of the Knights of Safety, Dale Allen, began Sevron Safety Solutions, a software solutions company, in 2003 after years of managing and updating safety data sheets (SDS) and creating the necessary risk assessments. With his knack for creating solutions, he created a system that made the job more efficient. With less time required to find the needed SDS and create risk assessments, more time can now be used to implement required safety protocols.   

Through the years, Dale found that his software has helped hundreds of companies manage their risk assessments. Seeking to educate others, he wrote his first book on Chemical Safety. He is now the award-winning author of The Book on Chemical Safety: How to Guarantee Legal Compliance and Reduce Risk in Your Business.  

Providing solutions isn’t his only superpower. With his superhero complex, Dale believes that everyone has a power they can use to change the world. Through The Knights of Safety (TKOS), he hopes to gather people to use these powers. He wants to harness others’ knowledge, experience, and power to drive a system that will benefit all. This system will allow others to strengthen and protect themselves. The main quest of this Knights‘ legion is to offer protection and a means to safety through technology.  

Currently, TKOS provides a free online learning platform. The TKOS Academy offers free lessons and certificates on various courses. Our growing knowledge base aims to educate people and give them the information they need to work safer and smarter.  

As part of his vision to innovate the world of safety – making it better for people at work, at home, or anywhere globally, Dale is now working on his new safety solution: Compliance Scoring. A system powered by Single Point of Truth Artificial Intelligence (SPOT AI), Compliance Scoring will be an all-around solution to Safety and Compliance for your business. For those at home, you can also use the free HomeSafety App. The app puts users on a quest to make their home safer by identifying the potential risks and hazards present and providing practical steps to minimise these risks.  

As a Knight, Dale is proactively seeking other Knights to join him. There is no limit to the number of Knights he needs. Danger is present in all realms, and so must be safety. The quest is clear – be safe and keep others safe. He invites everyone to join him.   

If you support the cause and want to become a Knight of Safety, Join the Quest.  

Everyone can be a Knight.