Roy Rogers

The Epic Knight of Scaffolding Safety

Roy Rogers, The Knight of Scaffolding Safety, is an active member of the National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) and a CISRS Advanced, HAKI & Kwikstage System Scaffold Inspector. He has over 38 years of work experience in health and safety management; he has spent 17 of those years in the industrial, construction, and rail sectors. Roy has shared his knowledge and experience by being an active speaker at the Safety Specialist Groups, including the British Safety Council and various building companies attended by the Health & Safety Executive. He is a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (CFIOSH) and a Chartered Member of the Quality Institute (MCQI). Roy’s constant participation and contribution to quality, health, and safety are owed to his passion for helping keep people in the workplace safe. 

As part of the NASC Safety Committee, he has been responsible for producing several Scaffold Guidance (SG) notes that provide the wider scaffolding industry community with information and guidance about various topics. He is empowered to pursue the work he has been doing on another platform – through the Knights of Safety. As a Knight, he aims to continue protecting the people who work in challenging and dangerous industries, such as construction and scaffolding. 

Scaffolders work in hazardous environments. Thus, they need to have a high level of training and competence to mitigate risk when working at heights. Operating standards should be kept at a level of excellence to ensure quality of output and ensure that no one gets hurt in the process. Injuries can be caused by inadequate scaffold installation, scaffold collapse or damage, overhead electrical wires, falling objects, overloaded platforms, inadequate training, and many other causes. A slip can mean crossing the line between life or death – or disability. 

As a true Knight of Safety, Roy’s mission is fuelled by his want to protect people. Protecting individuals’ health and safety is a significant factor in the work that he does. In fact, it is one of the main reasons why some people become health and safety professionals. However, aside from just doing the work to keep people in the field safe, Roy believes that it is essential to be positive and proactive to help drive a culture of safety necessary in both the work and home environment. 

Over the years, he has found purpose in the work that he has done. As a Knight of Safety, he hopes to promote awareness and better implement safeguards against the many risks in scaffolding and construction.   

If you’re working in the construction or scaffolding industry, or you know someone who does, The Knights of Safety is offering this free Scaffolding Safety course, as well as many other free online courses on various quality, health, and safety topics in the TKOS Academy.