Jay Lowe

The Epic Knight of Dog Safety

With nearly a decade of experience in handling security dogs, Julian “Jay” Lowe is our Knight of Dog Safety and Security. Before training dogs, he grew up with several as pets. His upbringing and his affinity with canines naturally led him to pursue this field.   

Accredited by the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU) as a Level 2 instructor, Jay has spent over 9 years learning how to train and handle dogs. During these years, he has learned by first-hand experience; through aiding other dog trainers and gamekeepers, learning from them, and testing out various techniques on multiple breeds of dogs. Over the years, he has found that there is no one way to train a dog. In some cases, certain dogs may not even be fit to be trained for a specific purpose. Besides knowing how to handle the different kinds of dogs, understanding their personalities, natural behaviours, and even their genetics is necessary to dog training.   

Jay’s primary area of focus is dog security, mainly handling security dogs and personal protection dogs. However, he seeks to improve dog safety in all fields by educating people. Training dogs is easy. It is teaching people that is the real challenge. Dog safety is not about training all the dogs; It is teaching people how to interact with them. As a Knight of Dog Safety, Jay hopes to create a safer world for both man and dog – as we are not the only ones who suffer when a dog “misbehaves.”   

People should also be taught how to interact with dogs. As a Knight of Dog Safety, Jay’s mission is to help human and dog kind. He wants to do this by spreading the message that within the dog world, there are far too many near misses, actual bites, and preventable accidents simply because people are misinformed about dog safety. As a Knight, he plans to raise awareness of what dogs can do if people spend quality time with them, and what they can become if they don’t have the necessary love, care, attention, and, most of all, understanding. People need to understand that there are different training methods, and different ways to approach each breed.   

All dogs are different and require training differently.      

He hopes to establish a training requirement for any potential dog owners – even if they are just taking in a puppy as a family pet. While several people offer dog training services, there are no requirements or qualifications to start dog training. With no standard, almost anyone can claim to train dogs and start a business doing so. This is a dangerous problem in the dog industry that needs to be addressed – and, as the Knight of Dog Safety, Jay wants to do just that.